To preserve the environmentally friendly way of farming (in a practical working environment) that is based on Latvian folk tradition, which has stood the test of time, in order to ensure the preservation of this heritage for future generations, to conserve the characteristic landscape of the Vidzeme uplands and to demonstrate that it is possible to combine profit with environmental protection and the safeguarding of cultural and historical values.
Vides Biedrība Krūzes is an international organization that provides an assessment of the importance of environmental quality for organic farming and evaluates the influence of Latvian and European laws that govern this area of activity. Vides Biedrība Krūzes also provides education on various levels about environment-related themes, as well as an exceptional base for scientific research in Latvia and Eastern Europe.
-         Establish a centre for organic farming and environmental education that uses a continuously working farm as its base and is independently viable.
-         Create a territory of special significance, a biosphere;
-         Assess and preserve the cultural and historical heritage of the Latvian farmstead and the ecosystems and biological diversity associated with it.
-         Engage collaborative partners and other like-minded people in the work of the organization;
-         Survey and evaluate the resources of the territory;
-         Make a zoning plan for the territory;
-         Engage in sustainable stewardship of the territory;
-         Provide demonstration projects and programmes (seminars, workshops, experiential and learning exchange programmes);
-         Secure the economic base of the organization;
-         Engage consultants from various scientific fields;
-         Evaluate and preserve the significant cultural-historical heritage of the farmstead and the ecosystems and biodiversity associated with it;
-         Solicit and engage appropriate investors.



A study of Latvia's diverse natural phenomena in relation to folksongs and folk traditions;  the influence of the biodeversity in adjacent territories on agricultural lands; the effects of modern technology, innovations and discoveries introduced from outside Latvia. In the context of organic farming in Latvia it is essential to preserve and foster Latvian farmers' traditional wisdom.
-     The preservation Latvian farming tradition as it relates to biodeversity and an international evaluation thereof;
-     Study of entomological biodiversity and how it influences organic pond fish
-     Study of biodiversity in the land area suitable for farming;
-     Study of the influence of various living organisms on adjacent territories (forest, ponds) on agricultural land, and evaluaitons thereof.



Seminars sharing accrued knowledge on how to protect and sustain biodiversity in farmed areas (land, forests, fish-ponds, etc)
-         Continuing education for organic farmers, experience and idea exchange.
-         Practicum/internship opportunities for eco-tourism and relevant vocational/professional school students.
-         Study of traditional Latvian rituals regarding the natural world, the revival and popularization of celebrations related to the agricultural calendar.
-         International exchange excursions with partners/partner nations to broaden
perspectives and understanding.
-         Educational tourism and partner education about ecological problems in organic farming.
-         Foreign tourist education regarding Latvian traditions and organic farming.