About Us

„Vides biedrÄ«ba KrĹ«zes”

is an organization of likeminded people, united to deal with problems of the Latvian agricultural environment: cultivators of lands, forests, waters and wetlands; environmental specialists; non-governmental organizations; international associates. This organization evaluates the importance of environmental quality for organic farming, analyzes impact of government legislation, and concerns itself with environmental education and research in Latvia and Eastern Europe.


The main reason for the creation of this association is the threat to organic farming under the conditions of modern society and to Latvian folk traditions that reflect sustainable agricultural practice.

As Latvian farming, forestry and fishery sectors specialize in order to compete in the modern European market, they concntrate on production capacity and lose sight of the bio-diversity which is necessary for sustainable development. The ecosystem of the traditional Latvian farmstead once ensured environmentally friendly, self sustaining production within the farm territory with the farmstead in the center as the most important ingredient. With the products and production levels that were achieved using this model, Latvia was recognized as outstanding in Europe.

A cultural attitude of respect for natural processes and biological diversity among Latvians can be found in the „Latvju Dainas”, a collection of folk knowledge in poetic form. Such awareness makes it possible to make use of the interrelations of complex biotopes for the development of production capabilities and high-quality products. Many of the territories that have not yet been negatively affected by massivization lie outside of the Natura2000 territories and therefore the development of environmentally friendly production there is threatened. The biological importance of these territories is not scientifically proven, although their biodiversity as well as the Latvian farmers' experience and nature wisdom support this.

There is a lack of research that could prove these interconnections. Governmental structures are unable or unwilling to undertake such research. „Vides biedrÄ«ba KrĹ«zes” steps up to explore balanced farming, environmental protection as well as cultivation practices that are based on Latvian folk traditions which unite environmental protection with production, in this way ensuring environmentaly friendly and sustainable farming.

„Vides biedrÄ«ba KrĹ«zes” is developing as an international organization, which includes like-minded partners from abroad, in order to better defend its position and to verify its importance on an international level.